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Bean and Masa Patties

I was looking at a Spanish-language recipe for Gorditas and I'm confident I have no idea what I was reading. But I never let these details stop me so I plowed ahead in my kitchen to make a really nice treat. Mar_2007174 The dough was about 2/3 masa (you could make your own from masa harina powder if you don't have access to fresh masa) and 1/3 mashed black beans. I had some good beans and I didn't think I needed to fry them for this recipe so I just put the in the blender. I mixed up the wet, messy dough and tried to make small patties that were then fried in oil. I have a small cast iron skillet that doesn't take too much oil and could do two patties at a time. After they were cooked, I drained them on paper toweling and salted. Once they were all done, I grated a wee bit of jack cheese and added a big dollop of tomatillo salsa. Obviously, anything deep fried is going to be at least halfway good but these were great. The beans kept the dough really moist and it was no problem working through half a dozen of these.

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