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Black Runners with Chanterelle Mushrooms

We've had a very mild, almost cool summer here in Napa and now it's raining and cold. Everyone is complaining but I'm fine with it since it seems like it's all work and no play these days. Since it wasn't a banner tomato year, I'd just as soon as start cooking winter things and when my buddy Connie Green handed me a huge bag of chanterelles, I went to work. Beans-chantrelle I sauteed some Italian sausage and when cooked, rendered the meat and got rid of most of the fat. Then I added onion and garlic, our Oregano Indio and when soft, added some very roughly chopped chanterelle mushrooms that had been tossed in Nudo mandarin olive oil and salt. I turned up the heat and once the mushrooms were cooked, I added back the reserved sausages and added some cooked farro pasta and previously cooked Ayocote Negro (or black runner) beans. I spashed some more oil over the whole mess for good measure. It was a great dish but to be honest, I don't think I would have liked it any less if I'd omitted the sausage, which would make the dish vegan. The secret ingredients are the beans, which are big, bold and ready for love (just like me!) and the Nudo oil. I don't care for flavored olive oils in general but when my friends at Cube gave me a can I felt obligated to try it. It's amazing. The flavor is Mandarin but it's not overt. They have other varieties and I plan to order each one although I don't see how they can beat this. And at $12 I think it's a real steal. Nudo-oliveoil Speaking of things Connie, her new book is incredible and I recommend you take a look at it.

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