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Boling Cactus Paddles

The new growth on my biggest cactus plant is screaming, "Eat me!" How can I say no? Sunflower031 I've read instructions for boiling cactus and they are all over the map. Today I cleaned and cubed a paddle and added it to a pan of boiling water along with a large slice of white onion, separated into rings. I didn't have any tomatillo husks handy or I would have added them, too. At five minutes, the color was still a lurid green and the texture was crunchy but the flavor was too sour and bright for my tastes. It was also too gooey. Cacti release an okra-like substance and at five minutes, it was too much. At ten, the goo was mostly gone and the flavor was much better but still a little too sour. At 15 minutes, everything seemed perfect. Just to push my luck, I went check again at 20 minutes and the nopalitos has lost their texture. I think 15 minutes is about perfect. You will hear advice to rinse after draining them but this wasn't necessary at 15 minutes. Just let the drain and then use them as needed, in my case as a taco with a little cotija cheese and Rancho Gordo Rio Fuego Very Hot Sauce.

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