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BOOK: Super Natural Cooking



I have to say, Saturday mornings at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market are pretty hopping. The crowds come in waves and while I enjoy seeing everyone, I particularly like the bloggers. Despite knowing the most efficient time to arrive is before 10:00 a.m., they tend to like to sleep in a bit. I don't blame them. I would if I could. They seem to come alone and then travel in packs. Many of them leave their heavy bags with me in my booth while they go hunt for a coffee (Blue Bottle, of course) or wait in line for Primavera chilaquiles. I'm sometimes surprised at the bloggers that are friends and I'm always surprised when two that I like are meeting for the first time at the Rancho Gordo booth.

I'm not going to drop any names other than Heidi Swanson, who was literally the first blogger to write about my beans. She's really more of a one-woman New Media empire than a blogger with her 101 Cookbooks website, forums and newsletter.
I love dishes that don't include meat, a lot, but I have zero interest in "vegetarian cooking". I was visiting Heidi's site for months before it dawned on me she never includes meat products and being that I'm sharp as a tack, I figured out why. She writes about whole foods, homemade foods and healthy foods, but you wouldn't know it.

(Check out Heidi's recipe for Creamy Wild Rice Soup)

The very good news is that Heidi's new book, Super Natural Cooking, is coming out any day. I received an advance copy and it's great. The photos and recipes are inspiring, well thought out and somewhat modern. If you've been reading 101 cookbooks, it will be like spending a few hours with a great friend. Even more exciting would be if you aren't familiar with Heidi's work. I'd be happy to think I introduced you! I have a hunch this book is going to be huge.

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