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Borlotti Beans and Chicken

(An encore post) This was surprisingly delicious beyond description. I haven't had Borlotti beans in months and found half a bag in the pantry. They are a cranberry type bean which means they have a mottled pod when fresh and when dried and cooked, they are velvety and rich. They also have a nice pot liquor, which is why they are so popular in Pasta e Fagioli in the north of Italy. And the twist is they come originally from Columbia! Dec2006169 After the bean were cooked (they cooked all day in a slow cooker), I poached a whole cut up chicken in water with some celery. onion and carrots. As the breasts finished, I shredded the meat and added to a bowl the beans, some broth, the chicken, some diced red onion and some parsley. Finished with a splash of Bariani (or your choice) olive oil. Simple but out of this world.

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