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California Sister Butterfly


In the garden

So I haven't been cooking much as I've moved to a new place and I'm still making adjustments. Rather than load the blog with useless nonsense, I think I'll load the blog with beautiful useless nonesense.


While waiting for the Dish Network guy (who isn't able to install satelitte tv, an immediate pain but a longterm benefit), or the propane gas guy or the painter or someone, I was sitting in the garden and found lots of hummingbirds, butterflies and dragonflies. I'm a fan of all three but know nothing about the butterflies or dragonflies except that they are cool and can be signs of a healthy garden.


Apparently this butterfly is called a California Sister and I salute whoever came up with the name. It's found in oak woodlands of the west coast and so it makes sense they'd find their way to my new digs.

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