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Can You Help Me Name This Plant?

UPDATE: See the comments below but reader Robert advises us: The Agave outside Santo Domingo is Agave guiengola, a species native to eastern Oaxaca. It certainly is a striking plant, and it is sold at nurseries in southern California (such as Rancho Soledad Nurseries in Rancho Santa Fe), but it would not be suitable for Napa because it is too sensitive to cold. As you read this, I'm off on an adventure in sunny Mexico; either dining at a hacienda, climbing the pyramids at Teotihuacan or perhaps sunning at a thermal spring. I just don't know! In the meantime, I found these photos I'd taken of my favorite church in maybe the world, Santo Domingo in Oaxaca. Outside of the church, someone has very tastefully planted a garden of what I assume are maguey plants, but there's a slight yellowish caste to them and I think they're super. Sto-domingo-garden-1 I would love to do something similar but I want to get the right plant. Any advise will be appreciated. If you have an idea, please leave it in the Comments section. Sto-domingo-garden

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