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Carneros Heritage Fest 2009


Let the party season begin!

Last Saturday was the Carneros Heritage Fest in the Carneros region that is the valley that ties Napa and Sonoma. I've been involved from the start and it's a great day, especially if you have kids and you're hungry.


Here come the Rancho Gordo beans! Cooked to perfection, I might add.


Why it's Stuart and Miguel from the Oxbow Wine Merchant! Chef Miguel Sanchez made some wild lamb treats.


This was probably the best crowd food I've had in a long time. The beans were served with well-cooked kale. Under the tortilla is some lamb, grilled to perfection and on the tostada is pureed garbanzos with some chiles mixed on and topped with slow-braised lamb that was virtually lamb carnitas. So clever and so good. Hats off to chef Brandon Guenther who made it all seem so easy!

Carneros Wine Alliance

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