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Chiilaca Chiles in Action


Previously I wrote about chilacas and now Catalan Farms (my neighbors at the Ferry Plaza Farmer Market) have a big harvest of them. You can also find them in Latino grocery stores, especially those that cater to folks from the state of Michoacan.


I took mine last night and made this ugly but delicious dish:


In a saute pan, I fried two rashers of Fatted Calf bacon and then removed them when they were crisp and drained them on paper toweling. Excess fat was then removed but let's not get nuts about it. In the remaining bacon fat, I fried onion, garlic, chopped chilaca chiles that had been roasted and peeled and some corn kernels. I removed it all from heat and then added some grated cotija cheese.

If there were leftovers, this would have been a fine filling for an omelet. There were no leftovers, however.

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