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Deviled Eggs with a Touch of Stardust

The family was invited to a great Easter party at my friend Geraldine's and with our bounty of eggs, thanks to our flock of chickens, it seemed like a natural to bring some deviled eggs. I admit to being a freak over them. I'm not clear on how many is too many. My son Nico was the egg master. One of my first cookbooks was The Pooh Cookbook. It's a great beginner's book. The recipes are simple but well thought out and only slightly patronizing. I used to love the carrot top tea. Nico has latched on to the deviled egg recipe, which is pretty basic. Instead of dusting the eggs with paprika, as instructed, Nico used our Stardust powder and it was perfect. I especially love that this would never have dawned on me.

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