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Direct Canning Dried Beans


This was a new one on me. Check out this video.

I was intrigued and I had to try it. One internet commenter asked why one would bother. Why not just make them in a pressure cooker? For me, some beans like baby limas or garbanzos, I just want a little bit. I don't need a whole pot. I also like the idea of beans in my larder, ready to go with just a little heating up.

I bought a pressure canner (yes, I know I'm a little obsessive) and went to work. I differed from Aunt Duddie in that I added 2 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of Oregano Indio and about a tablespoon of olive oil in each jar before filling them with boiling water. I did everything else as suggested and guess what? They came out great.


I can't wait to try this with different types of beans and see how they do.
My concerns, and if you are a canner i'd love to hear what you think, are the olive oil and garlic. Will this remain shelf-stable even though I added oil? Does it make any difference.

I heard all the jars "ping" and I checked their seals this morning and the lids are on tight.

One other concern is I left some head space but some of the beans continued to suck up the liquid and the head space is more than recommended. Does this extra air matter?


Now I'm fantasizing about soups and chili. What do you think?

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