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Eating FIsh and Seafood in Puerto Escondido


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My last trip to Oaxaca was mostly spent in the car, driving to markets and to meet potential farmers. It was very productive and it's always a pleasure for me to be in Mexico but after all the driving and heat, it seemed like a little pit stop at the beach was in order. Right in the middle of our map was Puerto Escondido.


It's a lovely place with a more tasteful "international" gringo side (Playa Zicatela) with restaurants serving things like "handmade whole wheat lasagna" and smoothies. There are a few taco stands and I think the cafe/restaurant, El Cafecito, is pretty great, especially for breakfast.

There's also a more Mexican part of town. Things are crowded and packed and a little less tasteful but a lot more fun, for my money.


This mixed seafood platter was smothered in Mojo de Ajo, a garlic and oil sauce. I kept repeating garlic for days but I tell you, Vale la pena!


I'm insane for shrimp and most of them in this area weren't really very good. Bland and overcooked was very common but these were fresh and really fine.


One of the safest and most delicious dishes is just a simple plain snapper deep fried. It's whole and easy to eat and one of the best things around.

We were only in Pto Escondido for two days and I hate to make snap judgements but it's become the kind of international beach town that I'm not in love with. We were lucky enough to be there without crowds and I think I really wouldn't have loved it if it were the high season.

My hunch is there are some better, more desolate beaches nearby worth exploring.

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