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EZ Crab Tacos with Felicidad Sauce

I have no idea why, but I decided to buy canned crab at Trader Joe's. It was in the refrigerated section in a can that looked like a double-sized can of tuna. It was $8. I'm hoping no one writes in telling me it's terrible for the environment because it wasn't bad! It won't replace fresh crab in season but mixed with mayonnaise, it was pretty swell. IMG_2518 Well, it was mayonaisse and our new Felicidad Chipotle hot sauce. I know chipotle is overdone these days but I'm really proud of this sauce and have been using it everyday. IMG_5467 Anyway, opening the can, adding a spoonful of mayo and a few squirts of hot sauce was very easy. I went all out and added lettuce and ta-da: crab tacos. IMG_2524

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