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Fish and Seafood Grilled in Corn Husks, Again. Better? I Think So.

Did you have a swell weekend? I hope so. I had some guilt about not coming into work on Saturday but then decided two full days off was pretty key to my happiness. And I was right! Me and my mini-me team are working on a Sunday Supper plan and cooking together has turned out to be a great way to spend time. This past Sunday night we revisted wrapping fish in wet tamal husks and it was better than ever. IMG_0144 I had three bowls of fillings ready. Rockfish, shrimp and steamed crab, all tossed in olive oil and some of our Oregano Indio. I also had some great chile sauce. The great thing is everyone can make what they like. IMG_0125 The kids' favorite was just fish and crab. IMG_0120 The hardest part of the whole evening was buying a whole crab, shelling it and then not eating big hunks of it. I'm not saying I was completely successful but the kids didn't notice. IMG_0122 Each tamal gets tied up nicely. We used shorter or funkier wrappers to rip up as strings. IMG_0124 The master at work. At this point both sons are pretty over me and my camera so while this looks like a joyless occasion, you have to trust me there was laughter, Uno card games and Mountain Dew. IMG_0127 I'm not great with coals and we would have eaten very late so we decided to cook half of them on a comal inside. In the end, the grilled packets were superior and more evenly cooked, but you can do this inside in a pinch. Burnt wrappers aren't a problem. IMG_0146 Served with some lovely Bolita beans from a potential new Rancho Gordo farmer in New Mexico, it was a great dinner for everyone from the Very Picky to the Easy to Please. IMG_0150 Dinnertime and everyone is happy. Victory! IMG_0161

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