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Florida Butter Bean

Please note: As of now, we're not growing Florida Butter beans. We hope to again in the future. I grew up hating Lima beans. The fact is that they are starchy and have thick skins and I believe my mother overcooked them to make them seem more appealing. It didn't work! Rediscovering Limas has been a real treat. They're actually good and it's not hard to make them great. Nov20061234 Pictured here are Florida Butter Beans, also known as Calico Pole Beans. A butter bean isn't buttery but a Lima bean that is to be buttered. I've seen some runner beans labeled as "Italian Butter Beans" but this is erroneous. Pure and simple, Butter Beans are Lima's. And Limas are from Peru, originally. As are Peruano beans, which are not related to Limas. It's fun, isn't it? Cook them simply, with onions and garlic and make sure the lid is slightly ajar. When they're ready to serve, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle on some parsley. The pot liquor is rich and dense and the beans themselves are deep and rewarding.

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