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For My Friends That Don't Care for Hot Food


I know a lot of people who think they don't like spicy food. The idea of a chile is a buzz-kill for these folks. It was a long time ago, but there was a point I didn't care for picante things at all.


Internet friends, I believe part of the problem is the jalapeño pepper. It's everywhere, it's somewhat hot but it isn't a nice heat. It's a stupid burn-in-your-mouth, grassy flavored heat. I question whether it's really spicy food you don't like or the jalapeño. (By the way, this seems to be a very difficult word to pronounce. Hal-i-pain-yo is correct.)

So what to do? Anytime you see a recipe call for a jalapeño, reach for a serrano. Technically, they're hotter but they have a much more interesting flavor and the heat is an all-over high rather than a swift kick in the mouth by a donkey.


If you're very sensitive, try removing the seeds and membranes. If you're a trouper, as I suspect you are, just chop it up and use it in a salsa and see if heat isn't a little more appealing with a serrano pepper.

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