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Fun with a Barbecue


It may surprise you to know that I have very little experience with grilling or barbecues. If I've been the host, trying to cook with live coals seems at odds with making the rest of the dinner and it's too stressful. But there is nothing like it.

Dipping my toe into the waters, I bought this nice little cast-iron grill, which is small but a major step up from a hibachi. It's very easy to use and I am a little smitten already.


The tamal wrappers are of course soaked corn husks and those are filled with fish and salsa. One was a corn salsa and the other, much more satisfying, was a tomato chipotle salsa.



The beans in the clay pot were just reheating but I imagine if you were inspired, they could have cooked from the beginning on the fire.


Finally, the coals were still going strong so I added some corn.


It was a swell dinner.

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