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Fun with Nopales


My friend Sara is working on a really great book and needed a little help in dealing with nopales. I'm too happy to offer my opinion about anything and the chance to share my cactus paddle love makes me hit High-C in particular.


The first thing we did was make grilled nopal-cheese sandwiches. After cleaning the paddles, you rub them with salt and olive oil. Then on to the grill until they are cooked.
You take a paddle, add some cheese (Oaxacan or Mozzarella is best, but Jack will do in a pinch) and then add another paddle on top of it. You should grill just a little bit longer until the cheese melts.


Now, take some red salsa fresca and smother the paddles with it. I think it's something pretty grand!


We also played around with nopales in a salad and my old tried-and-true version hit home. Tomatoes, cooked nopalitos, onion rings, garlic, queso fresco, chopped epzote, olive oil, pineapple vinegar and salt to taste.


I could live on this stuff!

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