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For orders or assistance: 1-800-599-8323

Good Bacon


Ingredient Spotlight

I'm sorry for you shoppers who can't get to the farmers market at Ferry Plaza, but I have to make sure those who come know about Prather Ranch's new bacon. For weird legal reasons beyond my comprehension, it needs to be branded as Range Brothers, but it's all part of Doug Stonebreaker's Prather Ranch Meat Co.


The bacon is beyond delicious and I recommend cooking a couple of rashers and save the fat, at least a tablespoon or so. Then fry onions and garlic in it, add some soaked beans and water and cook until done. Chop up the bacon and toss over the beans right before serving. Hey! Some chopped sage might be nice, too.

They also have two sausages, including a whiskey sausage, that are very good as well.

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