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Heirloom Beans for the Kindle


I haven't had a need for a Kindle reader yet but I can see how they'd be worthwhile for the right people. I do understand the need for an Android phone. I love my Droid X and I am not going to apologize! This phone came with a Kindle app and just for kicks, I thouoght I'd dowload my own book, Heirloom Beans .


What a kick! At least on my phone, it's only mildly irritating changing the page. You don't get a lot of text per page but it's fine. Of course, I prefer a real book but this could be even handier than a traditional book in the kitchen.


I'm late to the party but I think there's a future in ebooks!

If you want an old fashioned page turning style of book, you can get Heirloom Beans: Recipes from Rancho Gordo at your traditional bookseller or from us, and I have an in so that you can get the author to sign for you. What a grand Christmas present for the hard to please!

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