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Honey Beans


In the kitchen Ingredient Spotlight

One of my favorite books is Frank X. Tolbert's A Bowl of Red, a tribute to Texas chili. He of course insists on bean-less chili. I understand but I still like a few mixed in. It doesn't need to be that thick mass like the mess you find in cans. But to each his own.


Despite his chili stance, Señor Tolbert is a huge pinto bean fan. In fact, he has a recipe of sorts for Honey beans. He says you should cook the pintos as normal, trading two or three spoonfuls of honey for salt pork. You cook until tender and serve with hot buttered corn bread, and covered with more honey.

I would have thought that the honey would harden the beans but maybe I'm wrong.

Another sweet bean treat was the pinto bean pie from the now defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery. I wish I had the recipe.

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