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How I Came to Love Radishes

I like the idea of radishes but they really don't thrill the way a carrot can. Sometimes they're too bland and sometimes they're too peppery. I like them with hot food as a balance but I hate them when they're old and woody. Radish_comet The French dip them in unsalted butter and then salt them. This is very good but I think bread would work better. And it seems to undermine the freshness of the radish, and of course it massacres the low calorie status. Last month in Mexico I was an unexpected guest of some very kind and patient people. Mexicans would not know what to do if they didn't have something to offer a guest and normally a guest does very well there, planned or not. My hostess whipped out a bowl of thinly sliced radishes that had been sitting in lightly salted water. It sounds so simple but it was delicious. And easy. Just slice some radishes as thin as you can. It's good practice for your knife skills! Add to a bowl with water to cover and a teaspoon of salt. Mix and then add an ice cube for good measure.

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