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It's Fun to Be Some Guy in Swim Trunks on the Beach

There have been too many times I've felt I was "too busy" to take a vacation and ended up so much better for the time off. I'm sure I know best, and relaxing and taking a break from the daily routine is not so important, or so I tell myself. Here's a little secret: I don't know everything. I don't even know what's best for me sometimes. ranchogordo-141113 I've just come back from a beyond wonderful week last week in Kauai with pals. I loved it so much I'm in discomfort thinking about it. Coffee, beach, eat, beach, eat, rinse, repeat. My biggest worries were how strong my sunscreen needed to be. From 30 to 25 to 12. This is a real victory. ranchogordo--7I mostly remember those moments in complete silence lying on my back on the wet sand and sun beating down...I wasn't The Bean Czar, I wasn't the funny gay guy, I wasn't Papa...I was just some guy in swim trunks. I like him. He's not very interesting. He doesn't have much to say, but he's really happy and he has as an incredible meal with friends waiting for him once he leaves the beach. I hope I meet him again soon. I also hope at some point this summer you're lucky enough to forget who you think you are and just 100% relax, even if it's just for a day. One of the highlights of the trip was local shrimp. Taylor, who is far too clever a cook, made a sauce with our Felicidad hot sauce, fish sauce and lime. No one was paying much attention to proportions but it seemed to be 2 parts Felicidad to one each fish sauce and lime juice. The shrimp can be pan-fried, grilled or poached with aromatics.

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