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Jamaica Agua Fresca

If all the talk about how bad soda is for you is getting you down, you could switch to an easy-to-make alternative that tastes exotic and is loaded with vitamin C. July07239 Dried hibiscus flowers taste weird and good. You might remember a version from your old hippie days called Red Zinger (yes, I was there, too.) In Egypt, I had it as "Karkade " only it was sweeter and denser than the Mexican version. July07175 Take about a cup of dried hibiscus flowers and place them in a small stock pot. Add about a cup of sugar (or a cone of piloncillo), fill with water and bring to a boil. Allow it to steep and then strain it. Add some lime juice and more sugar or water if needed. Cool and serve. I like to add some canela/cinnamon as well but I'm a very daring sort of person. You could also top it off with a little fizzy water but let's end our creativity right there.

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