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Just Add Water

Here in California, we've experienced a lot of drought.
In this land of heat and sun
We never flush for number one.

Yes, this was my childhood. I've grown up knowing the value of water and this year has the potential to be really ugly. And yet, I waited until the last minute (this morning, actually) to install the drip system in my garden. I've done ok hand-watering and I've been careful to only water early in the mornings or just at dusk. The plants have been doing OK and it's actually relaxing watering the rows and rows of beans.


This morning we finished laying out and hooking up the irrigation tape (I like the expensive but near-perfect T-Tape) and i'm not exaggerating, you could almost see the beans sigh with relief. The emitters slowly release pressure-regulated drips of water and instead of flooding on top of caked mud and evaoprating or just wetting the top soil, the water penetrates deep down towards the roots where you actually want it. And it's shocking how much actual water is used.

I promise to do this next year before we actually plant. It's a much smarter way to prepare the soil.

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