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Kitchen Object Fetish No. 1: Chiltepin Chile Grinder


I was just given this grinder as a present. It's made of a beautiful wood and crudely grinds small chiltepin chiles.


You lift the stem off and add one or a few chiles and then grind them. Isn't it beautiful? Don't you think life is closer to being complete by having one.


Sometimes you don't want a hot sauce and you just want to add a dry, nutty kick to what you're eating. Parents with young folks will understand and it's a drag if your kids prefer their food plain. A few turns and now you have an exciting dish.


These chiles are hot and delicious. I like to buy them from Native Seed/SEARCH.


I picked this version up a few years ago. I suppose it does the job but not with the same grace and style!


(We don't sell these and have no leads on where to get one other than visiting Mexico.)

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