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Let's Make a Weed Fritatta! (No! Not That Kind!)

When I first started gardening, quelites were one of the first things I was curious about. I'd been told that in Nahuatl that the word meant "edible green" so the term was pretty broad. In Mexico today, it seems to mostly refer to lambs quarters but more and more, people are quick to point out that it also refers to other greens like purslane (verdolagas). ranchogordo-0180 Even within lambs quarters, there are several varieties. I thought I'd bought this variety from Native Seed/SEARCH but I don't see it on their website now. It's very delicious and we have it growing in planters in our back parking lot here at Rancho Gordo. I know some of you old time gardeners are laughing about me cultivating what you might consider a pesky weed. That's what keeps life interesting. Rancho Gordo quelites in our parking lot With the good weather here in the bay area, plants like this are thriving right now and I pinched a large bunch off to make breakfast for me and my youngest. I was inspired by a chicory fritatta in Pamela Sheldon John's Cucina Povera. ranchogordo-0114 Like so many good things, you start by sauteing onion and garlic in oil. I used olive oil (California, naturally). It breaks down somewhat quickly so you don't have to cook it for long. I added a fermented serrano chile, because I had it. Rancho Gordo Quelite Fritatta When the vegetables were done, I thought the ratio was off and I should have had less but I was wrong. I added the egg and I really loved that the greens were just as much of a star as the eggs. Rancho Gordo Quelite Fritatta I wish I had a nicer photo of the finished dish but when I tried to turn it over with a plate, it took a rather nasty spill. (Note to self: Flip your fritatta over the sink, not the stove.) It was still incredibly delicious and it didn't last long. Having a teenager tell you it's really good is a very nice added bonus.

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