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Lila Beans and Tzatziki

Sunday mornings mean lots of slow cooking and hummingbird watching. I try and get out and do something but the idea of hanging out all day in my home with the kids is more appealing. While I'm watching the clouds roll by, I'm often making some staples for the week, like beans and rice. I can use them for Sunday supper and the leftover can be used throughout the week. Rancho Gordo Lila heirloom beans with Greek Tzatziki yogurt sauce I had a big pot of Lila beans cooking and used some of them later for a soup. Lila beans are juicy and velvety and pretty much everything a person would want in a beans. I was starving and once the beans were tender, I added a big old dollop of commercially made Tzatziki from Trader Joe's. It's an easy thing to make but I'll cut corners now and again. Soaking Rancho Gordo Lila heirloom beans The hot beans and the cold dip made a delicious "chef's treat" while I finished the rest of the supper. Now I have to hunt for the perfect Tzatziki recipe. I'm sure I could do it better and cheaper myself. Any ideas? I think this will go into regular rotation.

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