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Looking for Chili Recipes


Here in Napa, we have our nice little group called the Family Farm League. We have seed saver's exchange potluck and the local high school kids cook chili con carne and it's usually pretty good.


Maybe the most famous chili is from the now defunct Chasen's restaurant in Hollywood. Elizabeth Taylor (in many ways, the Britney Spears of her day, although Liz showed signs of talent now and then) supposedly had the chili flown from California to Rome so she could eat it on the set of Cleopatra (a stinker of a movie where the signs of her talent were absent.)

Anyway, I'm cold and hungry and would appreciate it if you have a killer chili recipe. Leave it in the comments section of the entry and let's see what we come up with. Texans, please humor me and include beans.


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