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Making Ricotta at Home

Continuing with my being "thrifty" (equals CHEAP), I sometimes don't go through all of my milk before the expiration day. I hate waste. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember reading about how easy it to make ricotta. I searched and came upon The Kitchn's version. It may not be as flashy as other sites but The Kitchn always delivers with thoughtful, interesting content. Basically you heat the milk and add lemon juice or vinegar. I had white vinegar on hand so that's what I used. It worked! I had the idea that I wanted a firmer ricotta and let it drain an hour, with plates as weights. I wouldn't do this again. I think I prefer a moister ricotta. There is a lot of liquid whey leftover. For my "lifestyle" it feels like waste. I don't make smoothies, I don't bake bread often and I don't have a dog, so I do have a large pitcher sitting in my fridge waiting for its second act. Now, I can make this great flavored ricotta spread for the beans. You can also make a Euro version with rosemary and garlic. I can't wait to so this again.

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