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More Eggs and Beans

I've recently moved and the new place has a hen house. I've missed having fresh eggs but now that's all behind me. I'm hoping I can stick to the six hens I have. Last time it was 17 and a rooster and I was practically throwing the eggs at anyone who would hold still. Beans-eggs This morning I cooked some Mexican fresh sausage and when it was ready, I added some of our De Arbol black beans and heated them through. P1020244 I whisked the eggs with our Oregano Indio and then scrambled them on a low heat. I'm really learning that the secret is low and slow, otherwise you get a funky broken up omelet and that's nothing to be proud of. When the eggs were nearly cooked, I added the sausage/bean mixture and then crumbled some queso fresco over the whole thing. P1020248 So what is it about eggs and beans. I love them! You could easily make this more Italian by using Italian sausage and any farmers cheese. I'll stick with my version and a good heirloom corn tortilla. P1020250

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