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More on Pressure Cooking


I take a lot of grief from some good friends for my comments on pressure cooking beans in Heirloom Beans and here on the blog. I don't think it's a horrible thing to do and it certainly is better than canned beans, but it's still not my things, despite being a devoted Lorna Sass fan.

Oct 166

A new customer named Jan writes the following and I wanted to share it with you. Ever doubtful, I'll give it a try. Let me know if you do and what your results are:

Did you know that using a pressure cooker is better than you give it credit in your book? For a cup or two of beans, soak them in plenty of HOT water with 1 T of salt for only an hour or two. Pour off the salty soaking water. To pressure cook them: 3 cups of water to one cup beans with a glug of oil for 10 to 12 minutes under med-high pressure. Let the pressure go down naturally, 15 minutes. (I use a Fagor 6-quart) Stir in 1 teaspoon of salt to the warm beans. Refrigerate or continue with a recipe. Taste the "liquid" to see if more salt is needed. I pressure cook the beans for 10 minutes and then continue open lidded on the stovetop if they need additional cooking time (that's rare)

With a salt soak and this method of using a pressure cooker, the beans don't blow up, don't become water bags, hold their shape and consistency, and are wonderful when speedy is needy. But I will never argue with you that the teracotta bean pot, Italian or Spanish, is the best when you have the time.

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I love your corona beans! Recently I found a guide to timing for cooking your beans in a pressure cooker. Now I can’t find that link – would you please kindly send me a link to the Table of beans and recommended timing in a pressure cooker? Many thanks 🙏🙏

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