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More Experiments With Chile Rellenos


In the kitchen

Continuing with the stuffed poblano chile experiments, my next filling was wild rice and homemade chorizo. Apr_2007134 After preparing the chiles, I cooked some of my homemade chorizo and then added onion (which cooked in the chorizo fat) and later some cooked wild rice. This was the simple stuffing for the chile. But first I made a layer of refried pinto beans, then added the stuffing.The beans give the chile a real indulgent feeling. I also made a tomato sauce from a Diana Kennedy recipe that I promise to dig up. It's stupid simple and really good. I should know this one by heart. Apr_2007139 I stuffed the cavity with grated Manchego cheese and then warmed in the oven until the cheese melted. Finally, I rested the chile in a shallow pool of tomato sauce. I ate two without blinking.

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