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The Anti-Father's Day Message from Papa Steve

My youngest was very nervous about what to do on Father's Day. I gave him hell for not giving presents to his grandmother this last Christmas. He was of the mind that drawing a picture was too juvenile and he wanted to buy her something nice. This is a lovely thought, only he didn't do it. And he didn't make a drawing or pick wildflowers or make her breakfast or give her a gift certificate for a hug-- nothing! I hit the roof and I think we all now understand that giving is just as important as getting. 6a00d83451fd1569e201b7c7a060f4970b-600wi He hesitatingly asked what I was thinking of for Father's Day and for me, he's off the hook. I couldn't care less. I am so lucky to have two kids, live in a place I love and the icing on the cake is Rancho Gordo. I can push my wares on people who actually want them and in fact, they want more than we can produce. I am lucky, happy and I don't need a Hallmark Holiday to remind me. We're spending the day together because that's what we do, not because of the calendar. There's too much pressure these days. "Tell Dad you love him by buying him tools. " On the other hand, a day to celebrate our unique relationships with our fathers isn't a bad thing. It's obvious and I don't mean to be preachy but the best thing you do is be there with him and it's A-OK to keep your wallets closed.

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