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My Inner Hippie Love Child Is Fed


In the kitchen

Before I re-invented myself as the height of sophistication, I was a sweet sincere hippie looking for peace and often confused by the cruelty of the world. Actually, I was as messed up as the next person if I were being honest with myself, but I desperately wanted to be simple and pure. It just wasn't in the cards. Bean-rice-nopal Now, so much of the latest data about health stresses the need for whole grains. When friends are over or if I'm feeling needy, I would never serve this kind of thing but if it's just a night home alone, watching Tivo'd Judge Judy reruns, I try and eat whole grains, lots of vegetables and minimal meat. I tell myself this helps balance out the more indulgent things I eat but it's based on emotions, not science. My long-winded point is that good brown rice (like Massa's), nopales, beans and some good sausages make a fine weeknight meal.

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