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My Other Obsession: Mexican Movie Posters


You know about the beans. Did you know I also collect Mexican movie posters? You would if you've visited us in Napa because I hang some of them on the walls. My collection grows and my need for more wallspace seems neverending.


I love them because they break some Mexican sterotypes while reinforcing others. A lot of leftists left Hollywood for Mexico City and many of the posters have an intriguing propganda feeling to them.


The problem with movie posters is that they were printed on paper that was intended only for the run of the movie. They are delicate and not meant for the ages. I've searched high and low for someone to linen-mount and preserve my collection and it's been rocky. This sounds nuts but I really needed the the preservationist to know how much these posters mean to me and that they would take extra special care. Believe it or not, this was hard to find. I did finally stike gold at Poster Mountain. John Davis and is staff know what they're doing and I really get the feeling they know I'm a little nervous about having my pieces out of my hands for even a little while. They're fast and on the occasions where I've needed to have some restoration done, they're masters! And I don't say this lightly.


If you have any posters that need mounting or preserving, Poster Mountain is having a sale of 30% off all of services through the end of the month - so if you need anything done, now would be a great time!

John Davis
Poster Mountain, Inc.
8749 Shirley Ave Unit B
Northridge, CA 91324

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