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My Puny Little Olive Harvest

My house came with two olive trees that the previous owner planted. I love them but I live on a forested mountain top and it gets warm but there's lots of shade and I don't know if it's the ideal place to grow olives. I don't care. The trees seem happy and some years you get more olives than others. This year was one of those meager ones. Ta da. This was it. On the advice of my friend Judy Francini, I salt packed them in a mason jar and drained off the bitter moisture over about a 3 week period. I'm not really sold I did this right but I have a very small jar full of salt cured olives resting in some olive oil with lemon peel and they'll be a great appetizer for my next dinner party, but only for the next one. Hopefully we'll have a bigger bounty next year.

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