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Pan Roasting Ingredients


A lot of recipes for green salsa have you boil the tomatillos (tomate verde) but I find this a bother. The outer husks are sticky and cling to the fruit.


For an easier salsa and better flavor, pan roast the tomatillos right on a hot, dry grill. A metal comal, easily found in any Mexican market, is ideal. A clay one is better but almost impossible to find ouotside of Mexico.

I put a bunch of tomatillos on a medium heat and keep rolling them around until they are getting soft and start to hiss, like an angry cat. A few slices of onion and cloves of garlic all benefit from dry comal as well.

The husks easily peel off but save them and add them to the cooking water when you make nopales (cactus paddles) to help cut the goo effect.

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