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Pineapple Vinegar, Part 2


I can only say that I think everyone should try this. I think you'll get a kick out of it and the liquid it produces is very handy!


I had a very mild vinegar after 7 days. I strained the liquid into bottles and then refilled the glass barrel with water and left it to try again. Using the apple cider method, there is no apple flavor at all. I also did a batch without the cider and it smells good but still hasn't turned to vinegar. That's allright as I have plenty to use in the meantime.

Of course the obvious use is in salads but I used it to thin a chile sauce I had made. Normally, I'd do this with chicken stock or water, but the mild vinegar is a perfect mix with the chiles and the results are great.


And what better dish than eggs poached in chile sauce? I'm sure I don't know!

The original post on how to make pineapple vinegar is here.

I've had emails asking me for a description of piloncillo. They're simply unprocessed sugar that is poured wet into molds and allowed to harden.


Brown sugar is always an OK substitute but I think the piloncillo cones are a little more intense. They keep forever so grab a handful when you find them if you don't have regular access.

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