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Post Vacation Breakfast: Things Could Be Worse

My favorite sentence is, I just got back from Mexico. I would like to write it more often! The down side is coming home to an empty refrigerator. This morning, after pots of French Roast coffee (the Mexicans do many things well but good coffee is mostly hidden), I made brown rice, garbanzo beans and a salsa from the new chiles I bought on my trip. They're oak-roasted heirloom chipotles from the Huasteca of Hidalgo. They are incredible and we were going try and import them but the FDA requirements are so tough that we had to pass. It's a pity, but such is life. ranchogordo-01353 The salsa was made by toasting three chiles, 2 slabs of onion and 2 garlic cloves (in their skins) on a hot comal. The chiles were then soaked in hot water for about 15 minutes and then I blended this all (without the skins) with 4 canned plum tomatoes and some Oregano Indio. Chipotle rayado Here's a portrait of the chiles, just to make you weep a little.

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