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Pozole in Taxco


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One doesn't got to Taxco for the food. It's not bad, but for me, there were few "a-ha!" moments. However, it's a pretty hillside town and I had a lot of fun there, even if much of the time was spent watching my lady friends shopping for silver jewelry (Zzzzzz..........)


Easily the best meal of the trip was the pozole stew at Pozoleria Tia Calla. The restaurant keeps odd hours and we seemed to keep missing, but when we finally sat down to a bowl of the hot liquid love, it was worth the bother. This pozole was loaded with chicken, hominy, avocado and chicharrones, the rich but light pork rinds that are so easy to enjoy.


If you were going to replicate this at home, I'd make any chicken pozole recipe and then add the chicharrones right before serving so that they're still crisp.

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