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Rancho Gordo at Cavallo Point


Sorry to bother my non-Bay Area residents, but I needed to send out a reminder about the class I'm doing at Cavallo Point with resident chef Kelsie Kerr. I can't wait to show you my Nixtamatic machine, which will grind some locally grown corn so we can make tortillas, among other things. I don't see being able to do anything like this in the foreseeable future, so if it looks like it might of interest, give it some thought (15, 20 seconds, say) and then click the links below to book the class.

from the Cavallo Point website:
In My Kitchen: Steve Sando of Rancho Gordo New World Specialty Food and co-author of Heirloom Beans

Saturday 6/20 4:00-8:00 PM


In this class Steve will teach you about heirloom beans, corn and
chilies - all the treasures of the New World. And as he puts is best:
"New World food is exciting, tasty, healthy, romantic, and arguably, easier on the earth".

* Frijoles al ollo: a simple (but oh-so-delicious) pot of beans
* Homemade tortillas (we will even grind the corn for the masa)
* Quesadillas with cotija cheese and roasted tomatillo salsa
* Bison and Nopales (cactus paddle) tacos with ancho chile sauce
* Tunas (prickly pears) with Sambuca Romana

It's going to be a lot of fun but there are seriously very few spots available. Please book right away if you're thinking of coming.

Visit Cavallo Point for booking details.

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