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Rant: Let's Go Mexican Countries!


A few years ago, a friend's teacher daughter described a situation where her students were intensely debating whether they could call people Mexicans.

"You can't call them that!"

The teacher was confused, as she should have been. But really, Mexican for some of them was a dirty word. The probably heard the phrase, "those damned Mexicans!" and in case there's any doubt, that's not good.

Fox News recently had a graphic declaring that Trump had cut aid to "3 Mexican countries." For the record, Mexico has a group of states within its borders, not countries. I think the subtext of this is Poor Brown People. Racists think of Poor Brown People, and they think of Mexico and other Latin American countries. It's all one aid-sucking mass, from their point of view. I believe this was slip up more than an actual mistake.

Fox News doesn't have an exclusive on laziness or closet racism. World of Wonder, the production company that does some great shows like RuPauls's Drag Race published a tribute to Marlon Brando and they declared: His activism caused widespread boycotting of Brando’s films. He was also outraged by U.S. foreign policy, particularly covert military and CIA operations in several of the Mexican countries.

For the record, again, there is just one country called Mexico. Tell as many people as you can. We are terrible neighbors and we should be ashamed.

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