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Road Trip: Convento de los Los Santos Reyes


On the Road Travel in Mexico

ranchogordo-01084 For me, there's little better than a road trip in Mexico. My friend Gabriel estimated that over nine years we've traveled approximately 50,00 kilometers (about 32,000 miles) together. I'm glad he likes to drive! I'm also thankful we all like the same music and have the same hunger for Mexican food. On the way to the Huasteca of Hidalgo, we stopped at Convento de los Los Santos Reyes in a pueblo called Metztitlan in the sierra. This is exactly the kind of thing I love to do, especially when the site is deserted and we are free to run and around and explore. ranchogordo-01023 ranchogordo-01016 ranchogordo-01007 ranchogordo-01035 ranchogordo-01029ranchogordo-01062ranchogordo-01006ranchogordo-01073 ranchogordo-01053 Northern California has many fine attributes but we suffer from very boring skies. As a native, I am always mesmerized the clouds and blue heavens that we don't enjoy. Hidalgo is big beautiful and dramatic. The silence was almost as beautiful as the grounds. I loved it.

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  • Diane L. Warde on

    This Road Trip memory transported me through time and space, into old Mexico, if only for a moment. Diane

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