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Roasted Pepper, Capers and Goat Cheese on Cracker

Roasted peppers, goat cheese and capers Sunday is my favorite day of the week. If I'm not traveling, I'm home cooking for the family and if I'm good, I'm preparing food for the week to take to work. Sometimes it's a mad run to use up the vegetables I've purchased in earnest that seem destined for the compost pile. I think wasting food is a real, sin so I do everything I can to use all I buy. In general, I do O.K. but I could do better. In the 'fridge I had some goat cheese that was about to become debatable and some beautiful red peppers that I could tell were giving up the fight. I roasted the peppers and then made silly little canapes for supper that made everyone happy. It was an Ak-Mak cracker topped with goat cheese. I pressed some capers into the cheese and topped each piece with a chunk of pepper. You could easily use peppers from a jar but these fresh ones were pretty swell. Then they all good a drizzle of olive oil and a dusting of cracked pepper. It was very easy and just this silly little dish before supper added a little something. I now think a little unambitious appetizer course takes a small effort but the payoff is big. And yes, I have noticed that there wasn't one Rancho Gordo product on the plate! It happens. Roasted peppers, goat cheese and capers

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