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Scarlet Runners in Japan


Here's a fun email from a new customer.

I just received my order - the Scarlet Runner Beans look great, I can't wait to get cooking! I also purchased a bottle of Mexican vanilla, and boy oh boy, does it smell GOOD. I'm very happy to have found you!

You might find my use for Scarlet Runners a bit strange - my mother-in-law is Japanese, and a few years ago, she brought these big shiny beans to the table, cooked in a sweet-soy manner. Immediately, I begged my sister-in-law to translate her recipe for me! In Japan, they're called 'Hana mame', meaning flower bean - I'm guessing because of the gorgeous flowers that bloom on the vines - and are considered to be cleansing for the blood, and great for women's skin. But I don't think this method and this bean in combination is very common, even in Japan. Anyway, I'm in love with my Scarlet Runners, and just wanted to share my little story!

Thanks from a new customer!

Does this sound familiar? Do you know anymore about it. I'm intrigued!

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