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Searing Hot Love

Salsacomapena2 I love my Rio Fuego and Gay Caballero hot sauces. They have a lovely bark and bite but now again I want to blow my head of with a hot, flavorful salsa. Chilesandgarlic 45 pequin chiles 4 garlic cloves, in their skin salt 2 spoonfuls water Gently toast the chiles on a comal. As soon as they become fragrant remove them from heat. Add the garlic and allow it to soften and char, about 7 minutes. Remove from heat. When cool to the touch, remove papery skin. In a molcajete, grind the chiles and garlic with the water and salt until smooth. You can also do this in a blender or food processor. Salsacomapena This is good with some cotija cheese on a hot tortilla or as a condiment for grilled steaks and such. I plopped a big dollop in my beans for lunch today and my sinuses have cleared and I'm a wee bit high from the experience. I say grab happiness where you can. Salsacomapena3

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