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Shipping Update


Shipping: As you may have heard, shipping giant DHL has first declared bankruptcy and now announces that it's ceasing domestic deliveries. We of course use DHL almost exclusively so we're somewhat concerned. Apparently pick up and deliveries for existing accounts will continue through January but we've already contacted UPS and we're in the process of making the switch.

Things seem a mess. I was tracking one package and it said there was attempted delivery on the 3rd of November. I called and it turns out that DHL decided not to deliver the package and then sent it via the post office! I could have done that!

There's no need to panic and we're on it but I thought you should be aware of the change. The not-so-helpful DHL customer service person told me the good news is that they'll be improving their international service and they hoped I'd stay on board for that. They can hope but if this is the way they deal with their customers, I don't think I'll be faithful.


Crops: All I can say is we're harvesting but still need to clean and bag the new crop of beans. I can't be more specific because so much of this isn't in my hands. I apologize and ask for just a little more patience. This fall has been a doozy!

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