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Slow Cooker Pollo Pulquero


I've kept Slow Cookers (Crock Pots) around for years, almost exclusively for beans. I have horrible memories of flabby roasts from the 1970s that just won't quit. But I've been working my way through Rick Bayless' latest book, Mexican Everyday, and thought I'd give his slow cooker recipes a try and I have to say they are great.


Pollo Pulquero is easy. I've made it three times and it's a pretty fool proof recipe. The quantities called for by Bayless made my Crock Pot almost overflow so I'm going to give you the gist and you can adjust to what seems right for you. In the pot, layer 1 sliced onion, some salt, sliced Red Bliss potatoes, salt, skinless chicken thighs (bone in or not, but the sauce will be better bone-in), salt, a huge bunch of cilantro, sliced tomatillos, salt, sliced jarred jalapeno slices and some of the pickling juice. Cover and cook on high for about 6 hours.
I just can't get over how good this was to come home to. And without any compromise. I would serve it to anyone.
It makes me wonder how easy it would be to create similar dishes with chicken thighs. I'm thinking, I'm thinking....
Don't forget the tortillas.

(Original post from 2007)

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