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Smoked Tomatoes With a Great New Toy

You know I love a new toy. I've written about clay donabe pieces from Toiro before and I'm strictly a tourist. The pots are an investment but for someone like me who still is haunted by the Napa fires last year, grilling and barbecuing is just not an option. The Ibushi Gin stovetop smoker is perfect. It's very easy to use and I am looking at every ingredient in my kitchen as a potential experiment. This last weekend I used crap Roma tomatoes from the grocery store. I salted them and added some of our Oregano Indio. I would guess than most people who use these want a complete meal out of them but I think they're worth it for creating ingredients that you can use throughout the week. The smoked tomatoes were ridiculously good and the skins really just slipped off. I used the tomatoes with some leftover hominy and pork and it was a great dish, thanks in large part to the tomatoes. The pot comes with cherry wood chips. I am looking at containers of pecan, hickory and oak. I'm all in and will report back with more. If you want to dig deeper, and you should, be sure and check out the book Donabe. It's a whole new reason to be an obsessive. Disclaimer: I have no relationship with the Toiro people beyond being a fanboy. I hope to meet them and thank them one day soon!

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